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Hawes, Kirby Lonsdale and The Lake District

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1 Hawes, Kirby Lonsdale and The Lake District on Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:02 pm


Last weeks camping trip. Delay in write up due to full time job again. AAAGGGHHH!

First stop was to be Hawes. Paddy's bike packed up to the maximum. Mine nice neat panniers!
Our three day trip gets off to a late start as work asked me to do a last minute assessment, which was hard to refuse. The good thing about this was Paddy had everything packed so when I arrived home 7pm we were ready to rock.

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Newcastle to Hawes approx 80 miles

A swift blast down the A1 for 50 miles and then 30 miles of country roads. Thank God we switched from our usual black visors to clear as the last 20 miles turned out to be difficult visibility, with wet greasy roads. The Green Dragon Pub/bunkhouse/campsite is an awesome cosy farmhouse pub with a roaring log fire. Unfortunately by the time we arrived it was pitch black with millions of midges out in force. The camp site was 2 fields back from the bunkhouse with no lighting and we had no appeal for putting up our brand new lightweight tent. We made our excuses to the camp manager and rode off into the night in search of a comfy bed and breakfast. Thankfully The 4 star Herriot bed and breakfast kindly took us in. I didn't even flinch at the extortionate price they were charging, to be fair it was worth every penny the room was lovely the bed comfy. We slept like logs and woke up early to a great big breakfast that set us up for the next part of our journey.

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We spent the morning exploring the Wensleydale area. The roads are narrow with lots of small pretty stone bridges wide enough to get one car through.There's lots of small quaint villages, it's not a particularly fast route but the scenery absolutely stunning.

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The afternoon ride was from Hawes to Kirby Lonsdale via The Buttertub Pass. Now I was expecting big things from The Buttertub pass as it was recommended by Jeremy Clarkson as one of the best roads in Britain. It was good with some twisties and lethal drops, more beautiful scenery but if I may be as bold as to say it's not as good as our route from Middleton to Stanhope. Now what was an amazing surprise the road from Hawes to Ingleton. WOWZA FLIPPING BRILLIANT! Not too much traffic, smooth road surface, big sweeping bends with good visibilty. One of the best roads we have ever ridden!

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I am trying to rack my brain for an excuse for why we didn't use the tent on the second night as we arrived at Kirby Lonsdale mid afternoon, sun blazing. No I have no blag for this so we stayed at The Red Dragon. As I say the weather was fab so we had a good walk checked out the bikes at Devil's bridge and a few shandy's in one of the beer garden's. An early night ready for day 3.

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Kirby Lonsdale - Dalton The Lakes Animal Park

On route to The Zoo we spotted a sign for a TT exhibition so a slight detour to The Motor Museum which had some great antique cars and bikes but the TT exhibition was small it consisted of a couple of bikes and a few bits and bobs.

The Lakes animal park was so good. Lots of animals free to mooch about the park like kangaroo's, Wallabies, Lemurs and small South American monkey's ( really cute ) The park is big on conservation and the animals are from far and wide. Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Madagascar and South America. After a good wander around the park we set off for Ambleside via Coniston. We expected the roads to be busy with the school holiday but the road through Coniston was fairly quiet and most enjoyable with the sun still shining upon us.

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Ambleside to Kirkston Pass it started off great a good run up but then dropping down the other side I got stuck behind a bus. I was worried my breaks were going to over heat and pack in. Frustrating!! Kirkstone through to Ullswater was heavy with traffic you just have to accept it and take in the views.

Hartside to Home -

I have to say this has been one of the best ride outs we have had since the Scotland trip. Good weather, great route and brill company!!


Big Kat

Great write-up Kaz, and great photo's, but who was the great company???





Sounds fabulous Kaz. I love the Lakes so much. Adele and I have done alot of the routes you mentioned. First time we did the Kirkstone Pass was in a metalic beige Nissan Sunny (YUCH!) many moons ago. I'll always remember it because our brakes did over heat, you could smell them from a mile away. We had to pull over to cool down, which was no real hardship round there. Having sampled Northumberland by Motorhome earlier this year as well I'm keen to get the bike up that way, the roads are so much quieter. Looks like it will have to wait until next year now as after the end of this month I've only got 2 days leave left to last until Christmas. Damn! Nice write up as well BTW.


Fab write up as usual Kaz. If the weather breaks by Thursday, fancy doing it again??? I was amazed at the quality of the roads and scenery in North Yorkshire and to think its only 70 miles from us. Lots more to explore down that way. Kettle on Tyke Twisted Evil ps Kaz, get your blog up and running again and starting with this post as i am sure the guys who subscribed will love to read this. xx

Andy Bloody Bandit

Yeah ya do a wicked write up Kaz

Always enjoy readin em only if to have a larf at Paddy's antic's

Jobs a good one


Great write up Kaz, I am on a lot of those roads (Skipton to Settle, Settle to Horton In Ribblesdale, then on to Ingleton) on most Sundays when its fine. The South Lakes Animal park is great, walking amongst Kangaroos, Lemers etc. Well worth a visit, but the Tiger on the other side of a bit of Perspex was a bit worrying when it jumps at the glass with its teeth bared!


good one is the busy road a seasonal thng Kaz or like it all year round

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